Kellan-Lutz.jpgWho knew that vampires liked country music? “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” star (and by star, we mean the guy who makes the odd grunting noise and stands next to Nikki Reed a lot) Kellan Lutz appeared on the CMA awards as a presenter. Along with notorious ditz Kellie Pickler, he presented the award for “Song of the Year.”

Pretty as these two are to look at, they appeared to have a bit of trouble with actually reading the cue cards and the award itself. (It went to Kimberly Perry, who’s brothers and fellow band mates Neil and Reid flanked her like a pair of rejects from a “Spinal Tap” remake audition. Seriously, what the heck was happening on the tops of their heads?)

After an attempt at calling each other attractive, and stumbling over each others’ words, and a speech by Perry, we cut to commercial … which was, surprise surprise, a commercial for “Breaking Dawn.” Lutz wasn’t in it much. Imagine that!

Posted by:jbusch