brad paisley hank williams jr cmt awards CMT Awards 2012: Hank Williams Jr. and Brad Paisley 'Get Drunk and Play Hank Williams'The 2012 CMT Awards were just too big to be contained in the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. Host Toby Keith went across the street from the theater at one of Nashville’s famous honky-tonks, they did not say which one.

But Keith was there to introduce the outdoor performance of “I’m Gonna Get Drunk and Play Hank Williams,” Hank Williams Jr.’s tribute to his late father. It’s kind of a fun song and since we’ve always been way bigger fans of the original Hank’s music than Junior’s, we really could get drunk and play Hank Williams all night long. How about you?

It was also fun to have Brad Paisley there, who has a lovely voice and is a heck of a guitar player. There was also a great steel guitar player on stage, which is one of our favorite country instruments.

Williams said of the performance, “Tonight was a special night! Having Brad perform with me and especially
on my new album is something special. It’s a good ‘ole honky-tonk song that
Brad-cephus and Bocephus had a lot of fun playing tonight!”

“I count as one of my greatest blessings in this career being able to
get to know Hank. When I heard the song, I said, ‘This
is perfect’. It’s such a great tribute to his dad,” adds Paisley. “The idea that two of
us from this generation are getting together to forget a woman with the
music of his father is too much fun! It’s a highlight for me!”

We’ll post video just as soon as we have it. “I’m Gonna Get Drunk and Play Hank Williams” will be on Junior’s latest studio album “Old School, New Rules,” which drops July 10, 2012.

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