jason aldean kristen bell 2013 cmt music awards hosts gi CMT Music Awards 2013: Kristen Bell does what she can with an inexperienced Jason AldeanKristen Bell and Jason Aldean weren’t the likeliest of couples to host the 2013 CMT Music Awards, but host they did, nonetheless. And how did they do? Well, Aldean certainly proved a great sport, but left Bell to most of the heavy lifting.

From the ceremony’s pre-taped comedic opening, where Bell and a bevy of celebrity guests performed the lion’s share of the work, to the live show moments, Aldean seemed uncomfortable and wooden. He loosened up towards the end (notably when he had the opportunity to take out his flask or drink a beer on stage), but he certainly shouldn’t quit his day job anytime soon.

Aldean’s personality-free hosting had an effect on Bell similar to that of James Franco and Anne Hathaway at the Oscars, which is to say she came off a little manic. Trying to keep the energy level up and keep the show running, she seemed to be overcompensating at moments. But could you really blame her?

A highlight of the duo’s work together, however, was when Aldean and Bell performed a brief, a cappella duet on the country classic “Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys.” Not only did both Aldean and Bell sound terrific, it was a moment when the country superstar found himself back in his comfort zone, settling into a groove for a brief moment.

What did you think of Aldean and Bell’s performance as hosts at the 2013 CMT Music Awards?

Posted by:Billy Nilles