larry cable guy cmt music awards 2013 CMT Music Awards 2013: Larry the Cable Guy's Carrie Underwood jokes get Mike Fisher's attentionLarry the Cable Guy wants Carrie Underwood to stop calling him, and Underwood’s husband, Mike Fisher, doesn’t like it one bit.

And, yes, it’s all a joke.

The country-fried comedian took the stage as a presenter at the 2013 CMT Music Awards and launched into a routine about how former “American Idol” champ Underwood can’t stop blowing up his phone. He’s married, she’s married, they need to leave the past in the past. Har har.

Then Underwood’s hockey player hubby got in on the act when Larry wouldn’t drop it (“Seriously, stop calling me”). Fisher leaped out of his seat in a mock attempt to defend his wife’s honor.

That got Larry’s attention. “I eat hockey players for lunch!” he cracked. Before quickly adding, “Not really.”

Honestly, it’s one love triangle we don’t want to see.

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