The 2014 CMT Music Awards opened on Wednesday (June 4) with a short but rocking performance by ZZ Top. This begs the question: Is ZZ Top actually considered a country band these days? Should the bearded men be counted in the country genre?

And if they’re not “country,” then why was ZZ Top the opening act? Shouldn’t a country-music show feature country music?

Watch the full opening-act video above and decide for yourself.

It’s not like there are no country-like influences felt in the universe of ZZ Top. They are a bunch of southern gentlemen, after all, and all of their rock has blues woven into the fabric. That said, Texas accents and long beards do not a country group make.

Of course, ZZ Top was followed by a Jason Derulo mash-up with Florida Georgia Line. Perhaps the CMT Music Awards aren’t so country these days? That or everything else has gone country.

Posted by:Laurel Brown