cnn anchor robbed CNN anchor robbed of iPhone mid conversation in Atlanta

CNN anchor Carol Costello was robbed of her iPhone while walking down the street in Atlanta, Ga., and now she’s angry. In fact, she’s so angry that she decided to share her story with her 32,000 followers on Facebook.

“In retrospect, what happened to me [May 2] is insignificant in light of what happened in the Boston. Still, I feel the need to vent. And isn’t that what friends are for? I was robbed. And I am angry,” Costello writes.

According to Costello, three teenagers ran up to her while she was talking on her iPhone and grabbed the device right out of her hand. “One of them grabbed my IPhone. Stupidly I struggled to hold on-to it. But, he was a big guy. And he pulled out a chunk my hair. I let go,” she recalls. “As he ran down the street, laughing, I hurled a few expletives his way.”

Costello continues, “I felt no fear at the time, I was just angry. Now I’m angry, shaken and sad. What a lousy life those kids have ahead of them. … So, a warning for you. Do not talk on your IPhone as you walk down the street. Oh, and let go of the stupid device if someone tries to steal it.”

In addition to writing her angry Facebook message, Costello reportedly also filed a police report and gave cops a description of the thieves. Unfortunately for her, this type of iPhone theft is becoming increasingly popular in United States cities. People will steal iPhones, wipe them of all information and then sell them as new for up to a thousand dollars. The going rate for a new iPhone 5 when it’s not a part of a contract ranges from $649 to $849 through Apple.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz