rick sanchez cnn 500 CNN fires Rick Sanchez: Zap2it readers rejoice and mourn

After sharing some choice words on his employers and media nemesis Jon Stewart on the radio last week, Rick Sanchez got the boot from CNN. Zap2it reader reactions ranged from incredulous to celebratory, so let’s see what they said…

]]>Cheers Dee: Finally…Rick Sanchez fired. He went to the Ron Burgundy/Ted Baxter school of broadcasting. Dumb as a box of rocks. Please Jon Stewart start picking on Tony Harris next… he went to the same broadcasting school as Sanchez. Richard: I look forward to Jon’s reaction to this. Maybe the Daily Show could track his future career moves on the map like a Doppler weather forecast. Jan: I’m absolutely THRILLED that he’s gone. CNN has always been my “background noise” while I work, too, and since he took over the entire AFTERNOON, I switched to MSNBC. J.C. Belland: CNN is my background noise while working from my home office, and I have always thought that Sanchez was by far the most annoying personality ever on CNN. He should have been fired long ago simply for not being a credible anchor on what was supposed to be a news program. And if CNN wants to improve its ratings among intelligent people, they can fill some of his time slot with international news, like BBC reports on. Hoo boy: dang Rick, you really stepped in it this time!! I don’t think Jon Stewart has anything personally against you. He just picked you out because you’re so FUNNY!! You weren’t just another boring anchor. it was really kind of a compliment. Agree with above post, you should’ve just laughed it off. you kind of got a chip on your shoulder, buddy. ps: you were my fave show on CNN. Jeers Shawn: I don’t agree with what he said or says on his show. But what happened to free press. Wow talk about hypocrisy. Brookie: Awwwww…I’m gonna miss this big lug. his Rick’s list show was so fun. Rick & Don Lemon are my 2 favorites on CNN, so I’m really gonna miss him! Good Luck, Rick! btw, I’m a big fan of Jon S too. wish Rick could’ve just laughed it off. Alexis: I think this is really unfortunate. I don’t agree with what Rick said, but I think getting fired for it was a bit extreme. Why can’t we tolerate differing opinions. I am a moderate liberal and I think we should be able to work this stuff through. Melvin Olson: I’ve always enjoyed Rick’s show and will miss him. It seems as though everyone is wound a bit tight, then again, maybe it isn’t everyone but certain ones. Lynn: Ok I’m not a big fan of Rick’s, but CNN you are talking out of both sides of your face. You fire Rick but hire SPITZER…Really, Really?? Daniel: I just listened to the whole interview and I’m with Rick. I never really watch CNN (or Fox News for that matter), but he has a point. Where did you fall? Follow Zap2it and MikeyLikesTV on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news. Photo credit: CNN

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell