kathy griffin vh1 divas 500 CNN keeping Kathy Griffin on a short leash for New Year's Eve broadcast

Kathy Griffin is never one to apologize for her antics, but she will be the first to admit her surprise at being asked to return as Anderson Cooper‘s co-host for CNN’s New Year’s Eve countdown. 
As she rang in 2010, the comedienne dropped more than just the ball in Times Square. Griffin let an F-bomb slip while discussing Falcon “Balloon Boy” Heene. 

]]>On Howard Stern‘s radio show Tuesday (Dec. 21), Griffin told the shock jock that “they’re going to pull me from the air” if any curse words slip out. She says there is a clause in her contract banning those four letter words. 

We doubt a contract is going to get the fiery redhead to filter her foul mouth, but maybe that silver fox will be able to. 
A friend of Griffin’s tells Popeater, “She has a lot of respect for [Cooper] and doesn’t want to let him down.”
Despite her relationship with Cooper, we’re not sure the outspoken hostess will be able to turn down such a controversial opportunity. What do you think? 
Will Griffin slip up on accident? On purpose? Or (and least likely) will she maintain good behavior through the night?