anthony bourdain cnn gi CNN might add reality TV to its programming schedule   reportCNN could be adding a little more than the usual 24 hours of news to its lineup: the network is reportedly in talks with reality TV producers to spice up its programming schedule with some unscripted television.

According to a report in the New York Post, the news network is seeking out politically minded celebs for possible reality or late-night talk shows. It’s also talking to outside reality TV producers to create content.

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CNN is experiencing its worst ratings in two decades, and is bouncing around ideas that include adding a new panel-hosted talk show (essentially “an 11 p.m. version of ‘The View'”), and hiring non-news personalities (a la new hire Anthony Bourdain). The network also wants to add around five new reality shows that would air on Saturday and Sunday nights.

Deadline reports that a CNN spokesperson confirmed that the news channel is looking into creating “non-fiction original series for the weekend.”

What do you think of potential CNN reality shows?

Posted by:Jean Bentley