morgan freeman not dead CNN's Morgan Freeman death blunder: Actor is very much alive“@CNN: Breaking News: actor Morgan Freeman has passed away in his Burbank home.”

Twitter death hoaxes are about as common these days as Justin Bieber related hashtags, but they’re rarely started by respected, trusted news sources… until today. CNN’s official twitter posted the above update on Thursday, Dec. 16 — prompting fans and admirers to begin to post a flurry of quotes from the actor and an onslaught of R.I.P. tweets.

]]>the damage was already done. Entrepreneur, CEO, and friend of Freeman Peter Shankman tweeted, “Dear CNN: Morgan Freeman is still busy living. He’s yet to get busy dying. Please confirm first.” Later, CNN’s web producer confirmed to LiveNewsWire that the tweet was a mistake and that they’d retracted their statement. Perhaps our favorite thing to come out of this is the following tweet, from BookGirl96: “No, people, Morgan Freeman did NOT die. Someone at Fox News probably had a FourLoko and hacked CNN’s Twitter account.” To celebrate Freeman’s lack of deadness, please enjoy the following clip of Kevin Spacey’s Freeman impression on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie