Jeff talks about the intensity of the game being ratcheted up with the number of players decreasing. Sierra again calls Coach out on his lie. It wouldn’t be so hard to watch Coach deny the falsehoods attributed to him if he wasn’t so damn insistent regarding the supposed “honor and integrity” in the way that he’s playing this game. It looks like JT and Steve choose to believe Coach as Sierra is voted out. Honestly, I have to tip my hat to her for making it this far. She’s been on the brink of elimination since day one.

Will JT and Stephen’s decision to keep Debbie in the game come back to haunt them? She certainly has shown more willingness to double-cross the pair than Sierra. And it looks like Taj isn’t as tight with JT and Steve as I thought she was — she voted for Debbie! With Debbie looking like she’s going to turn against Coach in the next episode, it looks like the only alliance that is solid is the one between Steve and JT. Can they continue to play all sides against the middle? We’ll find out in the last three episodes of this season.

Posted by:Andrew Stubinski