Barrymanilow_240_1 It was August 27 when Barry Manilow shocked the world, winning the Emmy for outstanding individual performance in a musical, variety or comedy and launching a one-sided feud with thwarted fellow nominee Stephen Colbert.

"I lost to Barry Manilow," Colbert moaned later that same evening. "Barry Manilow… Singing and dancing is not performing!"

It only took two months — months filled with countless jokes at Manilow’s expense — but on Monday (Oct. 30) night, The Colbert Report returned from a vacation with Manilow as the special guest.

"It takes a pretty big man to invite Barry Manilow on this show after he stole my Emmy for individual performance," Colbert announced at the beginning of the show.

It helped that Colbert placed his two earlier Emmys, a Peabody and his Time Magazine 100 Most Influential people gewgaw on the interview desk with him. It also helped that Manilow, wearing three inches of pancake makeup, was very contrite.

"Stephen, it’s so nice of you to invite me on your show even though I stole the Emmy from you," he admitted from the beginning. "I did. You should have gotten this thing. I know it."

Colbert must have just watched a Ghost Whisperer marathon, because reconciliation was in the air. He whipped out a set of pens and a treaty for Manilow to sign.

It read, "Whereas Barry Manilow is a cultural icon deserving of respect and Stephen Colbert is a cultural icon deserving of an Emmy, let it be known that on this day, Oct. 30, 2006, both parties cease and desist all hostilities."

Colbert continued, "Mr. Manilow agrees to joint custody of the Emmy, in exchange for visitation rights on Mr. Colbert’s two Peabody awards."

Manilow agreed to a six-month rotating custody agreement and signed. The new friends consummated their accord with a duet of "I Write the Songs."

Don’t you hate it when these international crises get resolved just in time for midterm elections?

Posted by:Daniel Fienberg