Hunky Irish actor Colin Farrell, 32, was photographed recently in Spain looking like death warmed over. His emaciated frame and hollow, sunken cheeks are startling to say the least. Click HERE! to see.

Perhaps the severe weight loss is for his new film, "Triage," about a photographer in war-torn Bosnia, starring Spanish actress Paz Vega and legendary British actor Christopher Lee. Remember Colin buffed — and bulked — up to play Alexander the Great in Oliver Stone’s 2004 epic flop.

Let’s hope the former hard-partying boy hasn’t fallen back into his old ways. He voluntarily checked into a rehab in December 2005. His son was born in 2003 with Angelman Syndrome, a genetic disorder that displays symptoms such as intellectual and development delays, speech impediment, sleep disturbance and seizures.

That’s enough to sober anyone up. On fatherhood, Colin has admitted: "I think it only changes you if you want it to change you. It didn’t change me for about two years until I curbed a certain way I was living."

Fingers crossed he’s still curbing. That little boy needs his daddy.

Photos: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead