weekend at bernies Colorado men charged for real life 'Weekend at Bernie's'

If at any point you find yourself about to emulate a Jonathan Silverman movie — don’t. 

“Weekend at Bernie’s” is a 1989 cult classic; it is not a blueprint for an actual night of fun and shenanigans. But don’t tell that to Robert Young and Mark Rubinson, two Colorado men who thought it was a smart idea to honor their deceased friend by defaming his corpse Bernie-style.

Young claims to have found his 43-year-old friend Jeffrey Jarrett deceased in Jarrett’s Denver home. Young, along with his 25-year-old cohort Rubinson, then placed Jarrett’s corpse in the back of an SUV and hit the town.

Young and Rubinson hit up multiple bars and used Jarrett’s credit cards to pay the tabs. Additionally, they spent $400 dollars of Jarrett’s money at a gentleman’s club. The worst part? Jarrett’s corpse was in the car the whole time. 

At the end of the night, Young and Rubinson were considerate enough to notify authorities of Jarrett’s death. What good friends.

Also (and we have to ask), where was that guy looking when they took his mugshot?

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