A Michigan woman recovering from a five-year coma wanted just one thing when she awoke — to see Bob Seger in concert. Two years later, she was backstage with the “Night Moves” singer and riding in a limousine.
Seger’s management company worked with Evie Branan‘s nursing home to fulfill the 79-year-old’s dream request. “He came over to me and put his hand out and shook my hand and says, ‘Hi Evie, I’m so glad to meet you,'” Branan tells ABC affiliate WLS. “And I said, ‘Oh Bob, I am so happy to meet you, I never thought this would happen.'”
Evie suffered a massive stroke and went into a vegetative state for five years until she fell out of bed one day and bumped her head. The first words out of her mouth were, “I want to go to a Bob Seger concert.” Evie tells NBC25 in Michigan she doesn’t recall anything that happened after her stroke and doesn’t know why Seger was the first thing on her mind when she awoke. “Maybe my last thoughts were Bob Seger before I had my stroke,” says Evie. 
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