coco lego Comic Con 2011: Conan O'Brien on his way; immortalized in LegosOne of the coolest things on display at Comic-Con isn’t even a part of the official annual fan convention. Instead, it’s on display at an art gallery a few blocks away from where fan boys, girls, men, women and Twi-hards of all ages have gathered to revel in a concentrated dose of pop culture.

And on Friday, O’Brien himself will be in San Diego to see a Lego sculpture of himself in superhero garb — part of a show featuring 60 pieces of art using the late night talk show host as inspiration. The show was put on by O’Brien’s Team coco production company.

On Thursday (July 21), O’Brien tweeted: “Headed to @Comic_Con tomorrow – I might check out the Green Lantern panel. I’ll be the guy dressed as Conan. #SDCC.” (That panel is at 2 p.m. in room 6BCF.)

The Lego O’Brien is the same height as the real man — 6 feet, 4 inches — and was made for Team Coco by Nathan Sawaya. See it yourself at the Michael J. Wolf Fine Arts Gallery, 363 Fifth Ave., Suite 102.

This is Sawaya’s second effort to immortalize O’Brien in Legos, according to the Huffington Post.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson