sarah michelle gellar ringer comic con panel Comic Con 2011: Liveblogging the 'Ringer' panel, complete with Sarah Michelle GellarThe wifi is spotty. My fingers are shaking with excitement. But I’m two rows back in Ballroom 20, watching the Comic-Con “Ringer” panel in all its glory. The cast and producers are on hand to talk about the direction of the series, moving to the CW and… and… and twins!  

So without further adieu, let’s get this live blog rolling:

1:50 p.m. – Huge props to EW’s Kristen Baldwin for an excellent introduction, addressing the big “Buffy” elephant in the room right off the bat — and being quite funny.

1:52 – And then a new promo! Yes, more clips of the pilot that we’ve all seen many times now. But more importantly, there’s some moving glamor shots of the cast looking pensive and secret-keepy.

1:53 – Every actor gets a “woo!” (Comic-Con is like that episode of “How I Met Your Mother.”) Sarah Michelle Gellar aside, the biggest kudos go to Mr. Nestor Carbonell. (Really, honestly, how much more excited for this show can we be?)

1:57 – Producers on the arc of the show: “We had three seasons percolating when we started. We’ll get to 9 and then the triplet shows up.”

2:00 – SMG is picky about her roles, but so drawn to playing two characters with such opposite motives. She’s also down for the twists. “I was the person at ‘The Sixth Sense’ who said, ‘Is that guy dead?'” Not so this time around.

2:05 – So what about playing opposite herself? SMG says its way different than her days sharing scenes with the Buffy bot. “Sometimes I’m playing off a double, sometimes you see the double. Sometimes I’m making it up… and by Season 3 they’ll clone me.”

2:08 – Nestor on his career trying to give any spoilers: “I just give it up [joke]. Ultimately people don’t want to know the answer until it’s all over and after the fact.”

2:14 – No double paycheck for SMG playing two characters, as much as she hoped.

2:19 – Has Ioan Gruffudd ever heard of The CW? “I… um… uh… no. But I’m naturally thrilled to be on The CW.”

2:20 – Q&A time!

2:30 – Kristoffer Polaha‘s first audition was to play Riley on “Buffy.” He read with SMG and came in second to Marc Blucas
2:27 – The best part about the “Ringer” action sequences? “Buffy never got a gun,” says SMG. “Now I get a gun!” Also, apparently, in episode two, some sort of saw device… she’s not as big of a fan of that one. 

2:28 – Comparing Bridget and Ciobhan to Katherine in “Cruel Intentions,” SMG likes giving unappealing characters some heart and reason to root for them.

2:30 – “No supernatural elements, no hatch, no island — except Long Island.”

2:32 – If SMG dressed as Buffy on the convention floor, people would make fun of her being a lame knock-off.

2:39 – Michelle Trachtenberg is already angling for a role on the show. SMG says she’s been hanging around the set.

2:41 – Last question! Make it good! “Contemporary clothes” drew Ioan to the show. Really though, he was “blown away” by his meeting with SMG and the creators.

Thanks for reading, folks! If it’s even possible, we’re more excited about “Ringer” now. And by the by, here’s the aforementioned new promo:

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