breaking dawn part 2 bella vampire Comic Con 2012: 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn   Part 2' first seven minutes screened at panelWith the Nov. 16 release date for “Breaking Dawn: Part 2” getting closer, “Twilight” is fading for its fans and cast members. But the excitement for the franchise is still fresh at Comic-Con 2012 in San Diego, especially since the crowd in Hall H — many of whom camped out overnight — got to see the first seven minutes of the last film in the series at Thursday’s (July 12) panel.

Director Bill Condon introduced the clip to the packed audience.

“You are so beautiful,” Edward (Robert Pattinson) says to his new vampire bride Bella (Kristen Stewart) before they head out on the hunt — Bella’s first.
Just like in the book, Bella is first distracted by a human hiker but manages to control her thirst — quite a feat for a newborn.    

“I’m amazed. You ran away from human blood mid-hunt,” Edward says to Bella.

Upon returning to the Cullen house, Bella has her first run-in with Jacob (Taylor Lautner) post-vampire-transformation.

“Jake, you really do stink,” Bella tells her pal in the clip.

End scene.

Did that make you thirsty for more?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper