american dad season 10 fox Comic Con 2013: 'American Dad' Season 10 guest stars include Zooey Deschanel, Alison Brie and Mariah Carey

Following the “Family Guy” panel in San Diego Comic-Con’s Ballroom 20 executive producer and showrunner Steve Callaghan retook the stage for the “American Dad” panel. 
Gallaghan also serves as executive producer and showrunner on “American Dad,” and he was joined by co-creator and executive producer Mike Barker, writer and story editor Jordan Bloom, and actors Wendy Schaal (Francine Smith), Rachael MacFarlane (Hayley Smith), Scott Grimes (Steve Smith), and Dee Bradley Baker (Klaus). 
As in the “Family Guy” panel, series creator Seth MacFarlane’s presence was missed, but the cast and producers that were on-hand did their best to make up for it.
The panel began with numerous clips from the upcoming Season 10, including scenes in which Roger (MacFarlane) opens a daycare, Francine shows off her “No Regerts” tattoo, Stan flees the authorities, Steve names his sex clone after his grandmother, and various characters make poop jokes.
Barker kicked off the discussion by addressing the show’s impending move to TBS next year. “It’s going to be the same ‘American Dad’, just in a different place,” he says. They joked about a Tyler Perry crossover.
During the fan Q&A he revealed that an “American Dad” movie might take place on Roger’s home planet. Roger is the alien who lives in hiding in the Smith family’s attic. Barker didn’t announce anything, but he strongly hinted that that’s where they’d like to take it, teasing that an “American Dad” movie may even be partially written.
Most of the rest of the panel was spent describing upcoming episodes. In one, “the ghost of Francine’s unsatisfied sexual drive” haunts the Smith household. “She’s been holding this in for so long,” Schaal says. “And finally it’s so pent up that it’s like ‘Poltergeist.'”
“She finally blows up,” she adds.
Zooey Deschanel guest stars in another episode in which Snot’s (Curtis Armstrong) father dies and Steve and his friends take an “indie movie-style” road trip. “She was great, she was super funny, and everything you hope she would be,” Bloom says.
A Christmas episode that was supposed to air last year and that fans have been waiting for ever since will finally debut this year, and it guest stars R&B singer Charles Bradley. At the end of the panel a clip from the episode played in which Steve sings a Backstreet Boys-style song while the Smiths are Christmas shopping.
Other guest stars coming in Season 10 include Alison Brie, Ellie Kemper, Stanley Tucci, Mae Whitman, Mariah Carey, T. J. Miller, and Olivia Wilde.
Rachael MacFarlane also guest stars in an upcoming “Family Guy” episode in which she plays what sounds like a female version of Quagmire, a character played by her brother, “Family Guy” and “American Dad” creator Seth MacFarlane. The episode is called “The Edge of Incest.” “I had a great time recording the episode, and then some people started coming up in the studio and saying “It’s kind of disgusting, really,'” the female MacFarlane says.
“American Dad” Season 10 begins airing Sundays on Fox on September 29.
Posted by:Mike Rougeau