bobs burgers comic con 2013 zap2it Comic Con 2013: 'Bob's Burger's' cast shows new footage, teases Season 4

Currently working on their fourth season, the cast of “Bob’s Burgers” has a very appreciative and loving fanbase who turned out in force to see their panel at Comic-Con 2013.
The panel began with with a video package of highlights from the show’s third season, which included Tina (Dan Mintz) and the outside toilet.
As the clips wrapped, the entire cast, along with the guy’s in charge (Loren Bouchard and Jim Dauterive) took the stage to talk about how great the fans have been to the show.
They also showed some very rough footage from the upcoming Christmas episode, in which the family goes to buy a tree on Christmas Eve. Linda buys a Christmas tree far too early, and they have to find a replacement after it dies, which turns into an adventure. During their outing, the family encounters a candy cane truck (think the Weinermobile), which stalks them on the road. All that was complete were thumbnail sketches with voiceovers.
The second clip comes from the season premiere, “A River Runs Through Bob,” which takes place during a camping trip. After stubbornly eating undercooked fish, Bob gets sick and ends up floating down a river with his wife after trying to get away to use the restroom. 
The first fan question comes from “Arrested Development” star Jeffrey Tambor, who asks if he can return to the show in a future episode. “Things are tough, this has been a bad year and you need to pay the f*** up,” he jokes. Tambor then tells the cast and crew he loves them, before H. Jon Benjamin says “No” to his return. However, Bouchard does confirm that Jenny Slate will be returning in an episode titled “Mazel Tina.” Elsewhere in the season, Linda (John Roberts) will reform her high school band with special guest star Megan Mullally.
The cast answered any questions fans had, while demanding FOX make more merchandise from the show to sell. The panel ended with the promise of a CD of silly songs from the show to be released in 2013, which should be pretty great.
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