“Community” returned triumphant for its panel at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con on Sunday (July 21).

New Coke, McRib, Twinkies and “Community.”

Yes, that’s how they started the panel. If that weren’t hyperbole enough, creator and reinstated showrunner Dan Harmon arrived on stage in an Iron Man costume. Like a full Iron Man costume. He pretended to fly on the stage.

“I am billionaire playboy and creator Dan Harmon.” – Dan Harmon

Oh, and they’re not satisfied with five seasons. Six seasons and a movie is a go — they still want the #sixseasonsandamovie hashtag out there. Seriously, that’s the party line from this panel. There will be six seasons if the “Community” people can make it happen.


As for the panel itself, Jim Rash, Yvette Nicole Brown, Alison Brie, Danny Pudi and Gillian Jacobs with writers/producers Dan Harmon and Chris McKenna were on the stage with the Nerdist himself, Chris Hardwick, as moderator.

News from the panel:

  • There will be an animated episode. It’s probably not claymation or computer graphics.
  • “I’ve never felt secure for one single second on this show.” – Gillian Jacobs
  • “‘Community’ is definitely the nerdiest show on television.” – Chris Hardwick
  • “I can write scrips.” – Ken Jeong, a licensed physician, really
  • “We’re taking off all our clothes and just singing to ourselves.” – Dan Harmon on the “Community” writing process
  • There still isn’t a full script for the first episode of “Community” Season 5.
  • “It’s like a rescue dog — it pees itself every time there’s lightning.” – Dan Harmon’s description of “Community”
  • “Shut up, Chris!” – Dan Harmon after Chris Hardwick complimented him
  • “That makes them my Levar Burton. I can only disappoint them!” – Dan Harmon on the adoring audience in Hall H
  • “Community” is indeed coming to syndication. Gillian Jacobs and Danny Pudi announced (with hilarious deadpan) that the show is starting national syndication on Sept. 20 but will be on some local station (found on earlier that month.
  • Fans in the panel could get $1 beer in the fancy cups they handed out.
  • Starburns asked questions. He was quite profane.
  • “What about Season 4? You guys got any favorites from Season 4?” – Dan Harmon
  • “This is the dream version of the show for me, writer-staff-wise.” – Dan Harmon, praising Chris McKenna
  • There is a planned sequel to the “Dungeons and Dragons” episode.
  • “Bring on the nut-kicks!” – Dan Harmon
  • They’re not planning to undo or rewrite anything that happened in Season 4, no matter what Dan Harmon thought of it.
  • “I am a creepy jerk.” – Dan Harmon
  • There were penis jokes made.
  • “I hope we discover Jamie Lee Curtis is my mom this season.” – Danny Pudi
Posted by:Laurel Brown