almost human sdcc panel fox Comic Con 2013: Could androids and humans find love in 'Almost Human' It’s no secret the cast of FOX’s new sci-fi procedural “Almost Human” is really, really, ridiculously good looking. (You are reading this with your eyes, aren’t you?) But when one of the hot main characters is an android policeman (Michael Ealy) and not actually human, the romantic pairing possibilities suddenly get a lot creepier (if still very attractive).

Karl Urban, who plays the human half of the future crime-fighting duo at the center of the show, which takes place in Los Angeles 35 years in the future, leaves the possibility of an android/human relationship open. “With J.J. Abrams [who produces the show], anything’s possible,” he jokes at the show’s Friday afternoon panel at San Diego Comic Con. The relationship between Urban’s John Kennex and Ealy’s Dorian is strictly bromantic at this point, however.

The show follows LAPD Los Angeles detective Kennex as he’s paired up with Dorian, who’s not the standard issue android most of his colleagues team up with. This android has human-like emotions, which will make Kennex’s experience very different. So it’s not your typical crime procedural, says executive producer Naren Shankar.

“We have cases of the week which deal with future crimes and technology, but the human elements are really [the cast],” says Shankar, “their relationships and human beings dealing with the world of the future.”

Though this near-future world is by no means the ruined America portrayed in many a current young adult novel, creator J.H. Wyman warns that there will also be some downsides. “We’ve sort of all been promised this incredible utopia of computers and technology, but there’s another side to that,” he says. “There’s a dark side to that, there’s a what if side to that. There’s cautious side.”

“Almost Human” premieres Monday, Nov. 3 on FOX.

Posted by:Jean Bentley