Shortly after “Bones” was a hit — yet again — at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con, producers Hart Hanson and Ian Toynton took a moment to talk about the show. Why did they break our hearts in the Season 8 finale? What’s coming when “Bones” returns in Season 9?

Find out in this interview.

“How mean do we have to be to keep the series interesting?” Hanson answered when asked about the heartbreak of the Season 8 finale. “Going into Season 9, I think the answer is — pretty mean.”

Other than the continuing hunt for serial killer Christopher Pelant, what is coming in Season 9? Hanson and Toynton had some answers. We can expect:

Angela and Hodgins may have some marital trouble over their differing opinions about Booth (remember: Angela hates him right now).
Sweets has to deal with the fact that Pelant has his professional records — will he have to help a killer?
Cam and Arastoo still have to figure out their relationship. It’s even more complicated when someone steals Cam’s identity.

Posted by:Laurel Brown