“Bones” returned to the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con on Friday (July 19). After a fun panel (in which David Boreanaz joke-proposed to his co-star, Emily Deschanel), the stars and producers gave some interviews.

Find out in this video what Emily Deschanel had to say about her character going into “Bones” Season 9.

One of the main topics the actress talked about was the serial killer, Christopher Pelant. At the end of Season 8, Pelant managed to stay free while destroying everyone else’s lives. “I think Pelant is the most evil, conniving serial killer we’ve dealt with — and the smartest one,” Deschanel said. “Which I think is especially challenging for Brennan.”

The worst problem with Pelant? The fact that the bad man ruined Brennan’s marriage proposal to Booth. “He’s affected her life in ways that she doesn’t even realize,” Deschanel noted, referencing the fact that Pelant is the reason why Booth wouldn’t marry her.

Posted by:Laurel Brown