Isn’t he dead?

When James Purefoy appeared at “The Following” panel at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con, fans had to ask that question. We asked it again when we interviewed the actor afterwards.

Not that Purefoy was talking much. The actor behind Joe Carroll wouldn’t even confirm whether he was alive or dead, noting that “The Following” relies heavily on flashbacks. That could be the explanation for Carroll. But probably not.

Key to the idea that Carroll was alive was that brand-new beard. “I’ve been asked to grow a beard,” Purefoy teased, indicating that Carroll might be a little more vicious and feral when he returns.

Still, even Purefoy couldn’t fully explain his own character and the serial killer’s future. “You can’t apply our logic to him,” the actor pointed out.

Spoilers or not, it sounds like there will be plenty more Joe Carroll when “The Following” returns. “There’s lots still to come,” Purefoy promised.

Posted by:Laurel Brown