“Supernatural” star Jared Padalecki attended his show’s panel at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con on Sunday (July 21). After that, we got a chance to talk to the actor about the show’s Season 9 and the fate of Sam Winchester.

One of the big plots in the upcoming season seems to be the lingering effects of Sam’s illness from the trials. According to Padalecki, big things are coming for the character in “Supernatural” Season 9.

For one thing, Sam may be going through some changes as the season progresses. Padalecki wouldn’t say what kinds of changes those were, but they sound important and potentially dangerous.

The potentially unending nature of hunting down all of the demons in the world may be a problem for the younger Winchester as well — even though Sam does want to cure the possessed. “Sam has always been goal-oriented,” Padalecki says. “Unfortunately, Sam likes things to be finished, and this is going to be endless.”

Posted by:Laurel Brown