kick ass 2 comic con universal Comic Con 2013 'Kick Ass 2' panel: New trailer, new villains, fewer curse words

Universal Pictures’ Friday panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2013 covered two upcoming sequels: “Riddick” and “Kick-Ass 2.”
“Kick-Ass 2” appeared first, with Christopher Mintz-Plasse (The Mother F***er), Aaron Taylor Johnson (Kick-Ass), and newcomers to the series Lindy Booth (Night B****), Donald Faison (Dr. Gravity), and John Leguizamo (Javier) taking the stage. 
Screenwriter Jeff Wadlow and “Kick-Ass” comics writers Mark Miller and John Romita, Jr. were there as well, and Chloe Moretz (Hit Girl) even joined via satellite. The main cast members’ arrivals were accompanied by a video that spliced together footage from the original film with new shots from the sequel.
“This is a blast,” Romita says of making the film and being at Comic-Con.
“Kick-Ass 2” will depict the possibly epic battle between Mintz-Plasse’s villainous character and those played by Moretz and Johnson. The sides of good and evil form their own eccentric teams, “The Mother F***er and the Toxic Mega C***s” and “Justice Forever,” and it seems the battle quickly gets out of hand.
During the panel they showed a brand new trailer for the upcoming sequel. Jim Carrey stands out as Colonel Stars and Stripes, appearing more grizzled than usual. Mintz-Plasse meanwhile is positively menacing as The Mother F***er, especially with Leguizamo’s Javier at his side. New villains like Ghengis Carnage and Mother Russia appeared as well. By the end of the trailer the characters faced conflicts from all side as society turned against masked heroes and villains alike. Johnson says “about 300 swear words” were removed from the version of the trailer shown at Comic-Con, and the red band version will be posted online.
It looks like Johnson bulked up for the sequel. “I’ve been training with Hit Girl,” he jokes during the panel. “It felt like a natural progression,” he says of the sequel, adding that the script for “Kick-Ass 2” is a “page-turner.”
“I’m wearing like, a gimp outfit in this movie,” Mintz-Plasse says of his newly villainous character. He revealed that though the film is “very dark” and “very intense to play,” he’s glad that certain aspects of the sequel from the comics — namely his character killing a dog and raping someone — are being left out of the film.
“Hit Girl decides to give up her life of crime,” Moretz says of her character. She says Hit Girl’s civilian alter ego, Mindy Macready, brings justice to high school bullies in much the same way Hit Girl does to criminals. “Her really only friend in the world is Dave [Lizewski, a.k.a. Kick-Ass].” In the new film Hit Girl trains Kick-Ass, and Johnson’s character helps her grow up, Moretz says.
The writers reminded the audience that there are many more superheroes left to be revealed for the film. “You guys kill it in this movie,” Mintz-Plasse says to the new cast members.
“Kick-Ass 2” hits theaters August 16.

Posted by:Mike Rougeau