revolution season 1 finale david lyons daniella alonso billy burke Comic Con 2013: 'Revolution' showrunner Eric Kripke promises a 'way better show' in Season 2The first season of NBC’s action drama “Revolution” may have ranked as the network’s top new drama in the ratings, but the storylines proved divisive among critics and even fans.

Apparently no one understands that more than the show’s own creator and executive producer, Eric Kripke.

By far the highlight of the show’s second Comic-Con panel was Kripke’s straight talk about what problems he hopes to address from Season 1 and hopefully fix in Season 2.

“I’m harder on the show than any human being,” Kripke said during the panel discussion. “As I was watching the second half of the season, I was like, ‘Huh, there’s a lot of power on this show without power’ … with the drones [etc.] … I was like, ‘Huh, isn’t this supposed to be a show about swords?’ A powerless world is a really fascinating concept and I really felt like we hadn’t explored that enough.”

“It’s not just about, ‘Do we flip a switch off or on?'” he continued. “It’s about so much more: the soul of America, faith, god, destiny, family. If last year was about a war, this year is about an unfolding mystery that I think is going to be really gripping [and] a way better show than Season 1.”

To that end, don’t expect the power that was restored in the Season 1 finale to stick around. “Not very long at all,” Kripke confirmed about the length of the power’s return. “Just enough to get the nukes in the air. We leave the cliffhanger with our heroes heroically striving to stop those bombs and — spoiler alert — they do not stop them.”

“It’s a very intense second season,” he revealed. “The east coast is totally destabilized. We’re back to basics for the show — how we all survive in this world, which is even more primitive than we saw in Season 1.”

“[Season 1] was a lot of story about a light switch. As we talked about Season 2, and had a lot of really long hard conversations about how we could improve the show, one thing we talked about was, ‘Let’s turn the power off, let’s take the pendants and the tower off the table for the foreseeable future and let’s make it about all the issues the show could really be about.'”

“Revolution” will also boast a new, grittier look more suited to a world without power. “If anyone was upset that our characters looked too clean … I was on the phone yelling ‘They look like they’re in a Noxzema commercial! Where’s the dirt?'”

Kripke’s plan for Season 2 is to step back, expand the scale, explore those big picture issues and reveal more about the characters (who were often little more than stick figures in Season 1). “I’m really proud of Season 1 but it became a war show,” Kripke confessed. “This allows us to really dig into the people and characters rather than just running and gunning.”

But don’t interpret that as a change dictated by NBC’s decision to move “Revolution” to a 8 p.m. timeslot on Wednesdays (where it will no longer have the good fortune of following “The Voice”). “The show’s the show,” Kripke said. “NBC has been incredibly supportive even though we have this new timeslot and said, ‘Keep on making the show you’re making.’ I don’t think [the violence] will be markedly more or markedly less, it’ll be the same amount of action we saw in Season 1.”

To get a taste of the new — and improved? — “Revolution” check out the show’s Comic-Con sizzle reel, featuring scenes from Season 2, below:

You can also watch the full panel here:

And the sneak peek at Season 2 here:

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