comic con walking dead panel Comic Con 2013: Robert Kirkman's 'Walking Dead' panel is spoiler filled

“The Walking Dead” is 10 years old. To celebrate, creator Robert Kirkman is throwing a sort of birthday party, a Comic-Con panel dedicated to the zombie apocalypse comic book with all of the franchise’s fans invited. What follows contains spoilers about the “Walking Dead” comics, along with possible TV spoilers.
Kirkman kicked off the panel with a series of technical difficulties, just trying to get a slideshow to work. His big announcement is “The Walking Dead: All Out War,” a 12-installment series that begins in issue 115. Rather than one a month, the twelve issues will release over seven months, as Rick and the survivors try to take down Negan, who was introduced in issue 100.
To get through 12 issues in seven months, a new inker is being brought on board named Stephano Guadiano. He will help with some of the heavy lifting, along with colorist Dave Stewart who will be coloring in the book’s covers.
There will also be a special edition of the first issue released in October, completely colored for the first time. Stewart will handle those duties as well.

After getting through the new comic information, Kirkman opened the floor to fan questions, covering a range of topics related to the comic book and TV show. Though he’s been a mystery so far, Kirkman says the Negan character’s backstory will be explored as the series moves forward.
The crowd turned on a fan who asked a question about the death of Glenn in the comics, making it obvious that many either don’t read the comics or are a bit behind. Kirkman says Maggie will have to come to terms with the death of the man she loves, while also jokingly telling a spoiler-wary audience that he could possibly come back, maybe as a ghost. The audience was far less worried about the death of Tyrese in the comics.

Without giving too much away, Kirkman says there will be more children factored into the story in the future, and even mentions a possible storyline for Sophia (should she survive “All Out War”). He also says that unlike what’s been seen in zombie fiction before, the walkers are not evolving in this world.
Finally, Kirkman says that no one in the his world is safe from an untimely demise, not even the lead character Rick. He assures that people will continue to die because it’s realistic for that situation, and even without Rick driving the story it could absolutely continue. Whether that actually happens is anyone’s guess. One thing’s got sure though, the crowd loves Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus). His name simply being mentioned got most of the applause.
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