sons of anarchy season 6 teaser Comic Con 2013: 'Sons of Anarchy' teasers debut, Charlie Hunnam talks Jax

“Sons of Anarchy” closes out Comic-Con 2013 with the week’s final panel in the cavernous Hall H. Before that begins, there’s new video to see. First up is a bit of a trailer for the new season, which includes a lot of footage. It’s narrated by Jax (Charlie Hunnam), the way his father’s voice narrated the early seasons of the show He’s seen in his son’s room, writing. Perhaps he’s putting together a memoir of his own?
We get a quick glimpse at Tara’s (Maggie Siff) life in jail, and the reveal that Chibs (Tommy Flanagan) has taken over the role of Vice President, after Bobby (Mark Boone Junior) stepped down in season 5. There’s also clips of the club together, seemingly stronger than they were left off last season. Based on the teaser promo that was released, that cannot be the case.
After that, another teaser is screened, featuring very quick shots of all kinds of mayhem that will be featured during the season. Some of the violence included Chibs attacking Juice (Theo James), Tara fighting someone in prison, and a brawl between Clay and Jax, both in their cuts. That could mean viewers will see Clay out of jail and back with the club at some point during the season. There’s also a shot of Otto (Kurt Sutter) attacking yet another person, Tig (Kim Coates) trying to drown someone in what looks like a bathtub filled with urine  and lots of Donal Logue’s character.
After taking the stage, the first question was directed at Sutter, who is also the creator and showrunner.  He’s said the show will end after seven seasons, does he have it all mapped out? “I have a sense of what I want the last scene of the show to be.”  He adds that he goes into each season with a blueprint, but has learned to keep a loose grip on it, allowing the story to go where it wants.
What about the season 6 blueprint? “It continues to be Jax’s journey in terms of, can he be the leader of this outlaw organization and still be a good father and husband,” Hunnam explains, adding, “Can he have everything he wants and remain true to what he is?” There’s also the struggle of which father Jax will become, John Teller or Clay Morrow (Ron Perlman).
As for Clay, he’s been framed for murder and thinks time may be running out. “Season six is [Clay] knowing there is no more leveraging, no more maneuvering and no more choices. There’s just this bounty on his head and he has no control.” He was also betrayed by the only two people he thought he could trust, Gemma (Katey Sagal) and Juice. Gemma, of course, always wants to be at her son’s side and will do whatever it takes to make sure she is. “She has no regret about it,” Sagal says. It’s her betrayal that stings Clay the most. “That scene was like getting hit in the gut, knowing all the rules were going to change,” Perlman remembers. James thinks the moment Clay realized what’s happened sheds a new light on Clay. “You’ve felt all this hatred for Clay for five seasons, but there’s not one person in this room who didn’t feel bad for him when these two people turned on him.”
The big question is whether or not the club can actually survive all of the chaos and self-destructiveness, coming out stronger on the other side. There’s only one man who knows that answer and it’s Boone. “Bobby Munson knows everything and he seems to be the light at the end of the tunnel.” We couldn’t agree more.
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