A celebration of nerd-dom, a display of fantastical obsession, or, as filmmaker Morgan Spurlock described it, an uprising of “geeks with power,” “Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope” debuted in Hollywood Wednesday (April 4) night, complete with a brigade of “Star Wars” troopers and an even larger array of decked-out superheroes.

“Believe it or not, I’m a little bit of a geek, I have been my whole life,” Spurlock explains to Zap2It on the red carpet. “I felt like there was a whole world that hadn’t been explored at Comic-Con.”

“I think it’s been rarely seen in its normal life; it’s been misrepresented. If you look at the press coverage of Comic-Con, it’s like ‘Oh, there’s Angelina Jolie,’ or ‘Oh, look at all those people in weird costumes.’ But when I was there, I saw something more.”

In making his film, which hits theaters April 6, Spurlock — who made his name with the fast-food documentary “Super Size Me,” said he was most surprised by the job recruitment aspect of the convention, an element he never envisioned existed at the annual gathering of comic book artists, pop culture enthusiasts and entertainment industry elites.
troopers comic 'Comic Con Episode IV': Morgan Spurlock reveals his inner geek
“There’s this whole idea of Comic-Con as a geek job fair,” laughs the director and producer. “There are people who go there and look to break into the comic book business, or try to break into video games. I never realized that.”
Spurlock’s documentary chronicles the journey of several cartoon aficionados as they navigate the Comic-Con terrain hoping for exposure, camaraderie, and most importantly, to meet their real-life heroes. From celebrities to legendary creators, fans come far and wide to experience the immersion in cult artistry. Also featured in the movie are interviews with famous faces like Seth Rogen, Kevin Smith, and Olivia Wilde — who similarly admit to their own bizarre interests in geekdom.

“I think the greatest thing you can learn from this film is that it’s okay to be passionate about something. It’s okay to be a little obsessed, ” says Spurlock. “For all these years, this idea we’ve been told is that we had to grow up, we had to give up these things we loved — what I think you can take out of this movie is you can keep these things.”

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