wasn’t a enough of Comic-Con fan favorite before, they went and added Katee Sackhoff to the mix.

The fan reaction to her was as loud–if not louder– as the reaction series star Kiefer Sutherland got. Apparently, the fans in Ballroom 20 just really wanted to know what their girl Starbuck was up to next.

So what can we expect from Katee’s character and the rest of the “24” crew? Check out our live blog to find out.

2:22 p.m.- Panelists are announced and we have a full house. This is by far most crowded panel so far in Ballroom 20. Poor Kiefer Sutherland is practically pushed to the side of the table.

2:25- In case there was any doubt, showrunner Howard Gordon informs the room, “I hope this isn’t a spoiler, but [Jack] does make it through [last season’s cliffhanger].” Phew.

2:26- The events of last season– being reunited with his daughter and granddaughter, meeting Annie– have all brought meaning back into Jack’s life. The showrunners felt they needed to give him a reason to live after all the trauma of the previous seasons. The story lines of season seven will also carry over to season eight.

2:28- Jack is living his life happy with his daughter and his granddaughter when season eight picks up. Obviously, it’s not going to last long.

2:29- “We have once again been smiled upon by the casting gods.”- Howard, in response to the new cast members for season eight, Anil Kapoor, Freddie Prinze, Jr., and Katee.

2:30- Anil, who was seen most recently in “Slumdog Millionaire”, says, “For me it’s an honor to be on this show. I’ve always been a great admirer and a great fan of this show.” It’s revealed he will be playing a king.

2:31- Freddie says he has been a huge fan of the show since season one. He mentions that he told his wife–who just happens to be Sarah Michelle Gellar– that he wanted to be on the show, and the crowd goes crazy. “I forgot she’s big here,” he says, to even more cheers.

2:33- The crowd loves Katee, and goes a little crazy every time she talks. Katee says also a fan of the show before she got the job. She says she heard there was a part available, and “I basically called my manager and said, get me on ’24.'” Still, she is having some issues with her new role. Katee says she told the writers, “This is fantastic, but I need a gun. I’m starting to feel really naked.” Her character is engaged to Freddie’s, and she’s also Chloe’s boss.

2:36- The audience is shown a clip from the first hour of the new season. Jack is once again trying to live a normal, non-goverment worker life, but gets dragged back in once he hears there is a plot to kill the President.

We also see poor Chloe struggling at her job, unable to keep up with the new technology that has been developed. But she gets a spring back in her step when Jack calls and tells her he needs her help..

2:46- The clip that was shown is high in drama, but there weren’t any action sequences, so Kiefer assures the crowd, “Don’t be alarmed, we do still blow s*** up.”

2:47- Hoping for a movie? Don’t hold your breath quite yet. They have no plans to do a movie while the series is going on, but when the series reaches its end point, it is something they’ll look into.

2:49- First mention of the cougar so far this afternoon. The audience chuckles a bit.

2:53- “I kind of miss beating people up, because this character is not that,” Katee says. When she starts to hint that she might not be as good as the fans will initially think, she quickly backpedals, before she burns any bridges. “Seriously, I might get fired. I have no job security whatsoever!”

2:54- When asked to describe the theme for the eighth season, Mary Lynn, fumbles around to figure out what it could be. Rejected theme ideas that she threw out include: “Totally party,” “CTU is looking pretty cool. There’s an underground tunnel,” “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Thankfully the moderator bails her out, because poor Mary Lynn is squirming.

2:56- Any chance of seeing Kiefer’s father Donald on “24”? Kiefer doesn’t think it’ll happen because someone else already played the role of his father. He says he’d “hate to have [Donald] play anything other than my dad, if you’ve seen a picture of us [together].”

2:58- Before the panel ends, Kiefer calls the show “the best eight years of my life” and reveals the big threat for this season involves a peace conference in the United Nations.

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