Edwardjamesolmos_battlestargalactica_290 Double the "Battlestar Galactica," double the fun.

Syfy held a combined panel for the "BSG" TV movie, "Battlestar Galactica: The Plan" as well as its prequel, "Caprica," which allowed for fans to get to a glimpse at promos for both, get some inside scoop, and the chance to see two generations of Adamas on stage together.

Miss the panel? No worries, we live blogged it…

On hand, we have of executive producers Ronald D. Moore, David Eick, and Jane Espenson, and stars Edward James Olmos (Admiral William Adama from "Battlestar Galactica") and Esai Morales (Joseph Adama from "Caprica").

11:53 a.m.- Introduction of cast. Edward applauds the audience as he walks on to the stage.

11:54- Ooh, we're getting shown a preview of "The Plan." The crowd approves.

11:58- Ron reiterates that "Caprica" is going to be planet based show, unlike "BSG." He also compares it to a prime-time soap opera due to it being character driven.

12:00- Esai says his friends were freaking out when they found out he landed the role in the "BSG" prequel. He says they were worried he wasn't sure he was aware of what he had gotten himself into. "It's just a job, right?" he recalls saying, and the friends replied, "No, it's a religion!"

12:02- According to David, the central theme of "Caprica" is going to be "what does it mean to be human?"

12:03- Edward was asked directly if he would be interested in directing "The Plan." "[Watching the movie] will probably be one of the most extraordinary experiences you'll go through," he tells the crowd. A few people laugh and he retorts, "I'm telling the truth!"

12:06- Edward advises fans to watch the "BSG" series finale, and as soon as that ends, immediately put in his movie "Blade Runner," because they fit so well together. He also says that once fans see "The Plan," everyone will want to go back and rewatch the show. Edward very enthusiastically recommends getting the Blu-Ray version of the show.

12:09- An edited version of the "Caprica" pilot will be shown on Syfy before the season officially premieres. It will be minus the multiple semi-nude scenes, but with added material that wasn't on the DVD.

12:15- Esai still seems a bit overwhelmed by the crowd here.

12:16- Edward says "The Plan" was the hardest editing job he's ever done. Seven months, every day, 10-12 hours a day. "You guys are going to love it," he promises. "You will freak out." He says trying to watch the TV movie alongside the series will keep "BSG" fans busy for the next three years. He keeps pimping out the Blu-Ray version of the show.

12:20- Jane is asked what she brings to the writing room that is unique as a female writer and David jokes that she brings muffins. The crowd does not approve of this joke.

12:24- Ron Moore is fired up over the exclusion of the "BSG" actors during awards season: "It it is a frakking crime that the cast was never recognized for the performances they did week in and week out.  It's a crime."

12:25- Grace Park (Boomer/Sharon from "Battlestar Galactica") crashes the panel. The crowd goes wild.

12:27- When Jane Espenson's past work with Joss Whedon is brought up by the moderator, the crowd gives her love. A lot of Whedonites in the room right now.

12:29- Esai does his Admiral Adama impersonation, much to the amusement of Edward and the crowd.

12:32- During the shooting of a recent scene, Esai says a friend compared his intensity in the scene to Edwards

12:34- "Caprica" has a premiere date! January 22, 2010.

12:35- Is "The Plan" the last we will see of "BSG"? Edward guarantees this will not be the last movie. He says "The Plan" "will be so successful that it rocks [executives'] pants off."

12:36- A surprise for the first three fans in line to ask questions– they just got told they're getting special "Caprica" PSPs.

12:37- Edward (jokingly?) says he has written out a script of what he thinks happened to Adama: He's sitting in his rustic cabin, and his good friend Tigh knocks on the door and says, We have a problem. If Edward HASN'T written out that script, he should. He did just promise us more movies, after all.

12:41- Ron is asked about the "Virtuality" DVD release. A release date is still to be determined, and he promises to do a commentary track for it, regardless of whether the studio wants it or not.

12:43- Esai loves the fans: "Sci-fi or not, this is the most intelligent audience." He's tearing up while talking about the show.

12:45- They're going to end the panel with some parting words from our panelists.

Ron asks the fans to "show up to 'Caprica' with an open mind with what you're expecting…it's not 'Battlestar.'"

David asks the fans to "tell [people] this [show] is worth your time." He wants every "BSG" fan to get two friends to start watching "Caprica."

Jane, clearly realizing there is a large number of "Buffy" fans in the audience, appeals to them. "Reach out to the "Buffy" peeps," she says. "There's a little tiny essence of Buffy [in "Caprica"]. We've got an angry teenage girl and a robot!"

Grace asks for people to check out "BSG" composer Bear McCreary's concert at the House of Blues and says she has four tickets to give out to fans.

Esai jokingly requests having one of Grace's characters appear on "Caprica." Getting serious, he addresses the crowd to say, "I think the fact of the matter is, we've got a universe to conquer and we need your help." He even threw in a "So say we all." How very Adama-like of him!

Edward mentions Blu-Ray after the moderate prompts him. He asks fans to read the forward of the companion book that was written for the final chapter of "BSG." Edward tells the crowd that as far as the show goes, "I'm in for the rest of my life."

12:50- We end the panel with…a "SGU" promo? The crowd is clearly confused as to why the big special clip at the end isn't a clip from either "The Plan" or "Caprica."

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