“Chuck,” undoubtedly saved by the fans, makes its triumphant return midseason, but until then, fans get a taste of what’s to come at Comic-Con Saturday morning.

Zap2it will make all attempts to live blog the session, but due to a temperamental wifi, there may be gaps between updates. Not to worry, we’ll catch up. Okay, got your Subway footlong? Let’s go.

10:20 am – After an initial Season 2 retrospective clip show culminating in Chuck saying, “I know kung fu,” we read: “One Month Later: Josh Schwartz’s Office.” There’s hilarious shtick of Schwartz, Chris Fedak and Zachary Levi eating Subway sandwiches while trying to accept the end of “Chuck” … except it wasn’t. It’s picked up! Zach rejoices, but Schwartz and Fedak are at a loss. They’re out of ideas, except for …

10:23  – Jeffster! opens with “Fat-Bottomed Girls” and insane, wild cheering. It’s more awesome than awesome. We’ll try to see if our video isn’t too horrible and upload it later. As Vik Sahay hams it up and Scott Krinsky shreds up the keytar, the rest of the panel arrives, including Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Joshua Gomez, Ryan McPartlin, Mark Christopher Lawrence, Sarah Lancaster, Adam Baldwin and the show’s creators.

10:30 a – Lots of love for the fans and journalists in appreciation for their whole “Save Chuck” campaign. They single out Wendy Farrington, who started the footlong campaign.

10:33 a – Joshua Gomez reveals he’s wearing pink undies.

10: 35 am – Highlights of the moderated panel:

Fedak: “The Chuck story is a story of a hero. We’re telling a story of a hero in pieces. Now he has powers and abilities. But you can’t figure that out in a day. So you have Sarah and Casey … as senseis.”

Schwartz: “Something emotional and traumatic will happen between Chuck and Sarah, but it’s really really good. Vague enough?”

Levi about his fight training: “I’ve been doing a lot of virtual fighter. My thumbs are worn to the bone. The fighting thing is complicated. My powers, the Chuck Fu, you’ll find out in the new season, he can’t know kung fu the whole time or his handlers are obsolete. There’s a window, there’s a shelf-life, there’s a glitch. He has powers but they don’t last.”

Whoa, Fedak says Captain Awesome will be entering the spy world too! Lancaster suggests that Morgan can tend to Sarah if Awesome is busy and away.

A plug for the website ChuckMeOut.com that will act as a hub for Chuck activities.Also, on the Season 2 DVD, we’ll get the 3-D episode, behind-the-scenes footage of stunts, Captain Awesome’s tips for being awesome and Casey’s how to be a spy.

10:46 a – Switching it over to fan Q&As now:

An adorable little girl asks Zach who’s his best riend on the cast. At first, he tries to be diplomatic, but then answers, “Josh and I hit it off from Day One. We We play video games together. He’s a man after my own heart. But I love everybody.”

When a kid named Orion (yes, coincidence!) asks if there will be action figures, Adam says, “I need another one,” making a reference to how he’s already got
Zach pretends to be jealous and mumbles”Firefly” angrily and then pretends to take his anger out on a Jane action figure.

One lady stumps Zach for a second, asking which superhero Chuck would want to be like. Eventually, he answers, “Who would he like to be? Deadpool? But apparently Ryan Reynolds gets all the jobs.”

One fan wants to see Casey drop the tough, military exterior and get romantic, and Schwartz says, “I’ve always been obsessed with the idea that Ellie and Awesome are on the rocks and Casey’s trimming his bonsai tree in the window, their eyes lock, and there’s a moment.”
Adam: “I would do that.”

Will there be a musical episode with Jeffster? “Now there will be,” says Schwartz. That better not be a tease!

Someone very wise asks if they’ll try to get their jobs back at the Buy More, and Fedak assures us that “The Buy More will still be part of the show, let’s leave it at that.”

Finally, we learn that Karina (Mini Anden) is coming back and “Morgan will try once again.”

Sweet! We really can’t wait till “Chuck” is back!

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