" fans at Comic-Con are in a frenzy, trying desperately to find out how they can get into Ballroom 20 for the show's panel.

There are several women, presumably being paid by CCI, screeching loudly, "Ballroom 20, line for "Dexter" is out the door!"

And the line continues to grow.

Thankfully, being a member of the press has its advantages, as we met with executive producers Clyde Phillips, Sara Colleton and John Goldwyn, as well as stars Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, Julie Benz and John Lithgow, about an hour ago.

It was Lithgow's first public introduction as a member of the "Dexter" family since he officially signed on to play season four's "trinity killer" and the veteran actor couldn't have seemed more pleased.

The whole group was quite coy about the serial killer character Lithgow will take on this year, telling us only that he's called the "trinity killer" because he kills in threes.

"My first victim is Commander Dick Solomon," Lithgow joked, referring to his famed "3rd Rock from the Sun" sitcom role. "No, what I can tell you is, this character couldn't be more different than Commander Dick Solomon."

But you wouldn't know that if you met him on the street. "On the surface, he's just like me," Lithgow shared.

Don't feel bad about the actor holding out on us with further details though. It seems the only reason that he, too, isn't in the dark is because he didn't accept the producers' initial offer to play the part. They had to bring him in and sell him the role by spilling the story, something very few people — including the show's series regulars, whom Lithgow has yet to work with five episodes in — have the privilege of hearing ahead of time.

"I was offered the part in May, and my agent and I went in to meet with [the "Dexter" powers-that-be], and my agent was asked to leave," Lithgow laughed. "Over the next 35 minutes, I was told everything that I can't tell you."

Julie Benz's response? "I'm getting you drunk tonight."

"[Knowing the secrets of "Dexter"'s upcoming season], it's like having a hope diamond in my pocket. I have the power to send all sorts of people running out of the room, twittering to the world," Lithgow exclaimed.

But Lithgow's addition isn't the only exciting thing on tap for "Dex."

"Who is more private than Dexter?," EP Clyde Phillips said. "Over the past three seasons, he's always had his own apartment to go back to… he could always be alone. He's now living with his wife, two kids and a biological newborn baby." 

Yes, that's right, the baby has already arrived and it seems Rita is living the life she's always dreamed of. Apparently the couple has pooled their money and bought a beautiful home in the suburbs. They've got friends and neighbors… and an open-door policy.

And how will this suburban life change Dexter's murderous appetite?

"Well, he doesn't have as much time," Michael C. Hall said. "He's sleep deprived. These things will [affect] his kills. But the general ritual remains."

Still, expect to see growth. Dexter is a full-time daddy now with a biological son whom he'll feel a connection with like nothing he's previously known.

"His blood is in that baby's veins," Hall explained. "What could make you feel more human than a child with your own flesh and blood running through its veins?"

As for Dex's family of old, Detective Deb continues to do her thing with partner Joey Quinn (Desmond Harrington, who's been promoted to series regular, possibly so we can find out more about that IA investigation on him) and, though there were no real secrets about her love life shared, we were promised that Anton (David Ramsey) is still around… despite the fact that Special Agent Frank Lundy (Keith Carradine) has returned to Miami to do what he does: catch serial killers.

Catch a glimpse of the Comic-Con scene:

Check out the teaser trailer for the new season:


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