but the confirmation of it at Comic-Con went over really well nonetheless.

Co-creator David Goyer and the rest of the "FlashForward" crew initially tried to play coy at their Friday-afternoon session. The first question to the panel was "Is Dominic Monaghan going to be on the show?," and the answer was "We're not going to tell you."

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That lasted right until the end of the session, when questions from fans were cut off so Goyer could introduce some new clips from the series. The last one featured Monaghan, and then Goyer introduced "the bassist from Driveshaft" — a reference to Charlie, Monaghan's "Lost" character — to massive applause.

Monaghan's character doesn't appear in the "FlashForward" pilot, but his presence was something Goyer and his fellow writers had planned since before they started working on the first script. Goyer describes the character as someone who enters the story "and f**ks up a lot of things."

— Reporting by Korbi Ghosh from Comic-Con. Internet connectivity and other services by Rick Porter.

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