TomwellingLive blogging Comic-Con’s “Smallville” panel…

10:40: The Warner Brothers publicist is at the podium. She’s reminding us of the news that “Smallville” moves to Fridays this fall. Oh, and the complete 8th season will be released on DVD and Blue Ray on August 25.

10:42: Season 9 Clip reel… which includes scenes with The Green Arrow, Black Canary, Impulse, Cyborg, Zatania, Martian Manhunter, Supergirl, The Legion, Chloe as The Watchtower and of course Callum Blue as Zod. And Brian Austin Green shirtless. Oh boy, Lois-Clark love scene. 

Clark: Why would Lois in the future come after me? 
New female character: Because you betrayed us. 
Clark (later): She told me I caused the end of the world. 

Clip reel ends with Clark standing atop a building with the ‘S’ on his chest.

Crowd goes WILD.

10:50: Moderator Jeph Loeb is introducing the cast one-by-one… “And for the first time at Comic-Con… Tom Welling!” TOM WELLING. It’s standing room only in here and everyone’s going insane.

10:52: Tom Welling is asking how many people are here. He’s told 5,000. Jeph Loeb says, I just heard it’s actually 6,000. Cheers.

10:53: Erica Durance says all the things we’ve been waiting for, we’ll see a little bit of that this year. Lois is dealing with being smitten with Superman, still a little annoyed with Clark, it’s going to be spicy. 

10:54: Allison Mack is asked how she likes being on the other side of things, playing The Watchtower. She says she loves it: “I love being in control. I like telling these people what to do.”

10:55: Loeb says to Justin Hartley, “I don’t get it, you’re here. Didn’t you throw down your bow?” He says, “I like being told what to do.” Allison says, “We work well together.”

10:57: Callum Blue is saying he’s having such fun on the show: “I’m loving playing an evil character.” Loeb says, “Give them a little more of the voice, the girls are loving the accent.” Callum says, “It’s all an act. I’m actually from Texas.”

10:58: Producer Brian Peterson addresses the audience: “We do read what you write on the blogs even if it’s really really mean.” But he’s smiling. He says, “Good or bad you’ve stuck with us, nine years.” He’s appreciative.

11:00: Time for audience queries. First one? From someone dressed in a full Batman costume. He says, “‘Member me?” in deep Batman voice. Crowd goes nuts. Loeb wants to know if he has a question. “Yes,” he says. “When am I gonna be on the show?” Crowd, more nuts. Question isn’t answered, but Batman does get Tom Welling’s name plaque. Welling signs it and hands it over.

11:02: Erica fan at the mic. Is she doing every ep this year? She will be in 18 episodes.

11:04: Tom is directing two episodes this year. Allison says Tom is one of her favorite directors. He has a very loving way. Crowd awwwws.

11:05: Audience question. Is Clark gonna fly or what? Producers say to tune in because this will be addressed in the season premiere.

11:10: Best audience question ever… Swooning girl gets to the mic and, trying her best not to faint, asks Tom Welling what he’s enjoyed most about doing the show and if he could make his answer long, so he has to keep looking at her. Room goes wild. Welling obliges. Adorable. He says, slowly, that the stunts and visual effects have been great and that moving into directing is at the top of the list. 

11:12: Are we getting a season 10? Loeb says, “Are the Warner Brothers people here? Did they hear that?” Question isn’t answered but crowd enthusiastically shows their support of this idea.

11:15: Will we see any new characters this season? Producers say they can’t announce everyone but we will see John Corbin, Toy Man, Roulette.

11:18: Will we see a little more of Green Arrow this season? We will.

11:20: Though we won’t be seeing Batman anytime soon, is there a possibility we might see Wonder Woman? Erica says, “Maybe Lois will dress up as Wonder Woman.” And the crowd goes wild once more.

11:22: If Lex is gone, will we see Jimmy again? Hartley says, “Homeboy’s dead.” He gets big laughs. Producers talk about how much they love Aaron Ashmore and that anything is possible, but it doesn’t sound like it’s something they’ve got planned.

11:24: Dude in Superman costume gets to the mic and tells Tom that Spandex is pretty comfortable. More big laughs.

11:25: Girl asks Tom if, now that he’s a producer, he can move production from Vancouver to San Diego. Room cheers.

11:26: With Jimmy gone and Chloe busy being The Watchtower, will she have time for a love interest? Clark’s name is thrown into the mix. Allison says that ship has basically sailed and he’s a little busy with a few other women right now. Someone screams out, “Oliver!” Allison looks down the panel to Justin, smiles. Seems like she’d be down.

11:27: Producers are considering doing a Green Arrow sidekick story. Crowd loves this.

11:30: Producer Kelly Souders closes out the panel by saying this is the hardest working cast we’ve ever seen…

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