"Supernatural" fans lined up in droves for Sunday's Comic-Con panel, despite series leads Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki being MIA due to show commitments in Vancouver.

During the panel, the creative minds behind the show hinted at some upcoming storylines as well as the return of a few fan favorites, and the future of the show beyond it's fifth season.

11:47 a.m.- Eric Kripke comes out to introduce some video to us. Last year at the "Supernatural" panel, the crowd was treated to the world premiere of the first five minutes from the season four premiere. Because of the extreme cliffhanger at the end of last year– which had Lucifer about  to rise–they are not showing the first five minutes of the premiere. But they are showing five minutes of the episode.

Ghost Facers! They're introducing the clip via a taped video. Of course, they misunderstood Kripke, so they thought they were doing a promo for their own show. The crowd is eating it up.

"The Road So Far" is pretty much the a super fast speed through of the entire series, every single episode, sped forward.

The episode is called "Sympathy for the Devil."  Fans start screaming at an ear-splitting level as soon as Sam and Dean appear on screen. They're in a trashed home…Chuck's home.

Chuck sneaks behind the brothers and attacks Sam. Turns out Chuck had visions of Sam from last season. He tells the brothers about what he saw and Dean freaks out when he hears Sam's eyes turned black.

Chuck says Cas is dead. ""He like, exploded." This upsets Dean very much. He looks like he wants to punch something.

Zach and his minions come and confront Dean, Sam and Chuck. Dean dishes it right back, royally pissed that Cas is dead. Dean and Zach blame each other for the situation they're in. They really do not like each other. Dean has some sure to be classic insults that he hurls at Zach. The audience approves.

Zach tells them that the devil is going to need to find a meat suit, since he technically was an angel.

Apparently Sam and Dean weren't as unprepared as it first seemed, because they had time to set up something that banishes the angels. And then the clip is over.

12:00-  Jim Beaver (Bobby) greets the crowd with "hello, idjits." Everyone laughs.

 "We just brought [Misha Collins (Castiel)] to Comic-Con as a consolation prize [for getting killed off]," Eric jokes. No, despite the clip, Castiel will indeed be back. Misha is a series regular for season five, after all.

12:02- The writers wanted to show a side of Lucifer that often isn't seen in television or movies. They are shamelessly stealing from the beginning of "Paradise Lost."

"[Lucifer]'s probably the most honest out of all of the characters," Eric says. Not that he's really a character to root for: "There is this little thing that he's trying to end the world."

12:03- "Bobby has an interesting thing coming up," Jim teases. But he won't be telling the fans that.

Off the joke that maybe Bobby and Castiel could be a team, Jim and Misha start joking that their characters could have an unrequited love thing going on.

12:05- "Yes, there will be old friends," writer Sera Gamble shares. "Because the apocalypse is going on, old hunters are coming out of retirement." Ellen, Jo, and Rufus will all be in episode two.

12:06- Meg is in the season opener. "We couldn't figure out how to make sense [of bringing back Nicki Aycox]," according to Eric, so they have Rachel Miner playing the role of Meg's new meat suit.

Episode four is one Ben Edlund wrote. They go five years into the apocalypse. Sarah Palin is President in the episode.

12:09- According to Eric, "from the jump, [Ruby] was always a bad guy." He found it frustrating to read the fan comments, saying the writers were trying too hard to make her likable because they knew all along she was going to betray Sam and try and tear the brothers apart.

12:10- About the changed voice mail at the end of the season, it doesn't seem fans are going to get answers about that. "I think it's a really interesting question," Eric says. "[But] I actually don't think I'll ever say [what happened."

12:11- "The apocalypse is surprisingly amusing," Sera tells the crowd. "[Season four] was at times suicidally dark" so we'll have a change with this season

Network executives were afraid the apocalypse would be too dark. "This is the most optomistic season of Supernatural we've ever done." Eric argues. "This is the season [the brothers] come back together."

12:15- Cas might be alive, but he's going to be a different person from when we last saw him. "When you're blown molar by molar into someone's hair, it changes you."

Once he gets back though, he should have some interesting times."Dean takes Cas to a whorehouse [in episode three]," says Eric. Jim asks if Bobby can go too and gets turned down.

12:17- Eric has stated in the past that he didn't want the show to go past five years and had already scripted out an a five year arc. Since the show is just entering the fifth year, does that mean we're in the home stretch? "I never dreamed in my wildest dreams that the show would go five years," Eric says. He is not ruling out a future for the show past it's fifth year. "I'm going to cross that bridge when I get to it."

But what about the arc? "We feel we owe all of you, and all the fans to not water it down [just to make the show go on longer," he says. "Right now we're just working on making season five as kick ass as possible." If the show gets picked up, they'd be starting a new story.

12:21- Cas will be going along with the brothers on "monster of the week" episodes. "The dynamic is awkward," Misha says of the three men together.

12:21- Yes, the storyline has been scripted all along. Not every single plot point, but Eric says when he first drafted out the arc of the show and the progression of the demon ladder he had everyone down.

12:23- A fan asks why there has been less music lately. The reason for lack of music has been the budget. The show can run over budget and sometimes the difference between getting a show shot and not, will be the price of a song. They've also had to cut the music budget in half.

12:25- A fan wants to know in Ben's episode, is the future set in stone or is this something they are viewing as a chance to possibly change. "Destiny is one of the key themes of the show," Ben says.  "The entire question is can you avoid what you know if going to happen?"

12:26- So far, Lucifer is set to be in episodes 1 and 3.

Mark Pellegrino (Lucifer) was actually in the running to play Castiel. It was between Mischa and Mark, and Eric says Misha won them over just a little bit more. So they actually had Mark in mind throughout last season and offered him the role of Lucifer without an audition.

"I could have been Lucifer too."- MC

12:28-  On how ideas become episodes: "It's kind of like America
n Idol," Sera says. "The strongest ideas win."

12:30- They say there has been surprisingly little backlash in terms of angel portrayal.

12:33- Misha's minions (what he calls his twitter followers) is brought up. Seems most people in the room follow Misha on Twitter.

12:36- Eric admits he has a "tempestuous, loving, conflicting" relationship with the online Supernatural fan community, and that the meta episode "The Monster at the End of This Book" gave him a chance to lovingly make fun of them.

12:38- Yes, they want John Winchester (as played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) to return, but due to his busy schedule, it gets difficult to work things out.

12:41- No plans for a soundtrack but Eric is hoping to make an iTunes playlist of music that's been on the show.

12:43- End of the panel, which means gag reel time! The crowd eats it up.

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