common drake gi Common disses Drake: 'You Canada Dry,' he rapsForget about the now stale East Coast/West Coast rap feud. The latest rivalry is all about the U.S. vs. our neighbors (at least the rapping ones) to the north.

Here’s the deal: Apparently Common on Monday (Jan. 9) released a remix of Rick Ross’ anthem “Still Schemin’.” The original featured Drake, but Common’s remake makes reference to the Toronto native, calling him a “”hoe a– n****,” among other things reports BET.

Drake had previously taken a swipe at Common when he rapped, “It bothers me when the gods get to actin’ like broads,” Drake rhymed, adding, “I just ask that when you see me, you speak up n***a, that’s all.”

Common had apparently dissed Drake and other so-called “soft” rappers, in his song “Sweet.”

In “Still Schemin’,” Common takes his time tearing an “opponent” apart, but by the end of the song it’s clear he’s talking about Drake:

“You so black and white tryin’ to live a n#@#’s life. I’m takin’ too long with this amateur guy / you ain’t wettin’ nobody ****, you Canada Dry.”

Heard that. We’ll update if and when Drake fires back.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson