common law michael ealy warren kole usa 'Common Law': Sonya Walger shrinks cops headsZap2it was lucky enough to visit the New Orleans set of the new USA series “Common Law.” We got a tour of the locations and got to see how all the spots were transformed for the show. We also got a chance to chat with star Sonya Walger who plays Dr. Emma Ryan.

The show is about two cops, Travis Marks (Michael Ealy) and Wes Mitchell (Warren Kole) who are struggling to deal with their partnership after some difficulties. Their superior officer (Jack McGee) sends them to couples therapy. Dr. Ryan is the therapist they visit every week.

The pilot is really funny and fits perfectly into the USA show description “blue skies.” There is struggle and genuine emotions but the show is funny! Especially the dry sense of humor Walger is known for. She joked about Ealy and Kole saying that watching them work is hysterical. “They play,” she says. “They’re like puppies.”

“I think it’s really fun to watch men struggle to be articulate and I
think it’s fun to watch them have to talk about their feelings,” she continues. “I think it’s fun to watch them be answerable to a woman who I
hope is not the ball buster, but is there holding them accountable in a
way that they can’t wiggle out of. As cops you shouldn’t be able to
flash that badge and get out of every situation and here’s a situation
where the badge doesn’t count for anything.”

Check out the trailer below. “Common Law” airs on USA on Friday, May 11.

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