community animated short 'Community': 'Abed's Master Key' webisode premieres on HuluBefore the March 15th return of “Community” (which you must promise to watch live), we’re getting three animated webisodes from our favorite study group. Each one is two minutes long and though it won’t relate to the season directly, it will give us a fun look at the gang that we’ve missed so much.

Check out the first one below. In “Abed’s Master Key,” the Dean (Jim Rash) has rented out the group’s table and everyone has fewer fingers. Find out what Troy (Donald Glover) does with this information.

We’re so excited that the show is coming back! Check out what the cast said about the upcoming second half of the season at the Paley fest and let us know what you think of the webisodes. Thank you, NBC for giving fans another chance to watch this show!

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