Annie-Community.jpg“Watch it live!” We want you to repeat this mantra over and over until 8 p.m. on Thursday night when “Community” returns with brand new episodes. We got a chance to speak to star Alison Brie (Annie) about the fans that brought the show back, the friendship between the “Greendale Seven” and whether or not there will be romance in the upcoming episode.

Brie talked about getting fan feedback. “In terms of it changing my opinion of the show … We’ve always had such a great love for the show. The show is our baby. It’s everybody’s baby, but seeing the fan reaction and this outpouring of love and support, and outrage that the show wasn’t going to be on the air, it made us feel like the show was the most important thing that’s ever been on television,” she laughs.

“It’s kind of this amazing thing that happened with the hiatus where you’d expect for it to be a time where you feel really down and question the show that you’re doing. Instead it was totally the opposite. Like, ‘What we’re doing here is the most incredible thing ever! People love it!’ It was so nice to have that support, and really kept us going.  And now that the show is coming back on the air, we’re all just ecstatic.  It’s just such a good feeling.  And it’s so nice to feel like the fans are getting the show back, because they’re the ones that have been fighting for it to come back.”

“And it kind of feels like, ‘Here!  We’ve been working on all these great episodes for you guys.’  It’s so nice to finally share it. We’ve always had a strong relationship with the fans through Twitter and stuff like that. Usually it’s great, because it’s while the show is airing.  So fans are seeing the episodes and we’re getting immediate feedback about how they’re feeling about those episodes, and then we’re working other stuff in that they say the want to see. So we haven’t had the interaction, and that’s been a bit of a bummer, and it’s also gonna be kind of great that we have so much now to show them.”

She says that the relationship between the cast members is really important to her. “I think the heart has always been a big part of our show, the characters connecting on that deeper level, and it not just being about joke, joke, joke, even though our writers are incredible and the comedy is there. And on set it’s the same. We’re so close. If the show were to go away and not come back, I just think that’s the greatest gift I’ve gotten from the show are some of the best friends of my life, and aside from the fact that we have so much fun together on set and are constantly joking and laughing and cracking each other up … these people have grown to be a great support system for me, and I hope that I do the same for them. It’s these people that you come in and check in with everyday and tell every detail of your life to, and you’re there weighing out some of the most important decisions of your life with these people because you see them so hours everyday, and yet we still wanna spend time together when we’re not on set.”

So, will there be romance? “In the second half of the season, it’s not so much romantic for Annie,” she says. “It’s more friendship based. And I also think she returns to her initial values, her core values of school and her education, and that sort of thing. Which is kind of a good thing for Annie to kind of reel it in, and not be such a slut all the time. She gets more focused on school and her friends.  There’s a great episode with Annie and Abed (Danny Pudi) that takes place entirely in the dreamatorium, and I think it’s going to be really awesome, but I’m not sure. I have yet to see it. It’s so out there. But it might be my favorite episode of the season. It was so fun to shoot with Danny. But, it’s a great episode where you’re looking at these two characters reevaluating why they’re friends and why they love each other as friends and roommates, and how they actually have a lot of similarities and maybe that’s why they butt heads on certain issues, and just kind of gaining a deeper understanding of one another.”

Once again, “Watch it live!” “Community” returns on Thursday, March 15th on NBC.

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