Community-Britta-screen-shot.jpgHow does Britta (Gillian Jacobs) describe and analogy? “It’s like a thought … with another thought’s hat on.” Even Jeff (Joel McHale) can’t argue with that one in this trailer for “Community.” Yes, friends, the show you love will return with all new episodes on NBC on March 15th and this is your first look at the upcoming episode.

This week, Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) is getting married to her former husband (Malcolm Jamal Warner). Want to guess how Britta feels about marriage? Jeff agrees with her for once saying that the concept came from a time when “til death meant until your very first cold.” He feels we should “nut up and die alone.”

We’re so excited for the return of the show! We know that this delicious little taste isn’t going to be enough for you, so check out the first of three new webisodes on Hulu, featuring the animated cast of “Community” to tide you over. Viva Greendale!

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