community nbc brotherhood of man 'Community': Chang tongue, Shirley's breasts and why the fans are so important to the showWe just got a chance to interview the cast of ‘Community’ at the Paley Fest in Los Angeles and check out the first episode of the second half of the season. First off, let us say that this might be the most grateful cast in history. There was non-stop fan love expressed from each and every one of them. This cast knows that you are the reason they got such a quick return date and that your continued viewing will be what brings them back for a fourth season.

First off, the cast confirmed that the season finale does have some cliff hangers, but if they don’t get a pick up (a possibility we simply refuse to accept), they say fans will be satisfied. Everyone is super jazzed about the upcoming “Law & Order” spoof. Britta plays a computer specialist. Gillian Jacobs said, “Because we all know how good Britta is with technology.”

Joel McHale said that the episode contained “one of the more difficult speeches I’ve ever made on the show. If not the most difficult, because there are yams involved. I’m not kidding! I have to do things with the yams while I’m giving this speech. I’d say it’s the best brain exercise ever.”

Jacobs laughed when we asked about Troy (Donald Glover) and Britta. “Everyone is asking about them tonight. Golly gee! Who knew? Hot topic. Maybe there is some tension. Maybe there is some love brewing in the air. Maybe it’s confused friendship.”

The cast will be joined by Rob Corrdry, John Hodgeman, Michael Ironside and John Goodman this season, and we’ll get a chance to see Shirley’s wedding. Yvette Nicole Brown told us, “Malcolm Jamal Warner is coming back. That is enough for me. I stare at him all the time. He knows that I’m in love with him, allegedly. I have to say ‘allegedly’ because he has a lovely girlfriend that he’s in love with.”

The show is doing a series of three webisodes before the spring premiere. Brown said, “They’re like two minutes long. We’re cartoon characters. We did voice overs.” Danny Pudi said that the first one is Abed and the Dean, “which is really, really interesting!”

Jim Rash, who brought his newly won Oscar with him told us that the dean will have a zillion fantabulous outfits, including a sexy construction worker and a lawyer outfit to die for. He also said that he’ll be trying really hard to join the group this season.

Alison Brie told us that she and Britta will have some serious closeness this half of the season. “They have a really great big sister/little sister dynamic this season.” She said she and Gillian really tried to get to one of the flash mobs, but they missed it because of shooting. On the stage, she talked about the “boob game” she plays with Brown, saying, “I love Yvette’s breasts.” She wouldn’t explain further. Ahem. She also answered an audience question saying that she thinks Annie and Britta should hook up.

The cast also talked how Ken Jeong was the person who cracked everyone up the most. He has something called “Chang-tongue,” which involves him staring at someone doing a scene with his tongue out and a dead pan face. McHale told us that Jeong got Brie in a spectacular way with Chang-tongue during the “Law & Order” episode.

Pudi, who just welcomed twins to his family, said he totally gets the dad thing and why Jeong will get naked. “I will literally do anything now. Get naked and jump out of a car … I have milk on my face all day long and pee all over me and I’ve never been happier!” We asked if he’d put the munchkins on the show. He laughed, “My wife would probably love that!”

Finally, creator Dan Harmon was asked what would happen if they got six seasons and a movie. He said “I’d like to end the sixth season with a trip to Las Vegas … they’d say ‘We can never speak of what happened.'” The movie, he said, would be about that lost summer. One can only hope. We are going to make a blanket fort, fill up our paintball guns and glue on our goatees to watch the spring premiere on March 15th … live. Join us?

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