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“The Cosby Show” fans, get ready for a blast from the past. Theo Huxtable, er, Malcolm-Jamal Warner starts his three-episode guest starring role on “Community” Thursday (Jan. 20) as the study group finally meets the cheatin’ fool who broke Shirley’s heart, her ex-husband, Andre.
Yvette Nicole Brown, who plays Shirley, tells Zap2it when we were on-set recently that there was no chemistry between them. 
“None at all,” Brown jokes. “I can’t stand him from ‘The Cosby Show’ since I was 13.”
Of course, it doesn’t take long before Brown gets real about her childhood crush.

“Honestly, it was like Christmas morning and I was five,” she gushes about the actor who she has been lobbying for since last season. “From the first time I got on-set, I told the writers and casting department that if we ever see Shirley’s husband, I think Malcolm-Jamal Warner will be great. I always added, ‘If they reconcile.’ I didn’t want to read through and it’s arguing with him. I wanted some hugs and some snuggles. You know, get that little childhood dream come true.”
For the actress, this moment was a long time coming. “I thought at 13 that I would marry Theo Huxtable or Malcolm,” she says. “I didn’t care which one. But, I didn’t have the mind to say, ‘One day, I’ll be an actress and I’ll be on a show and he’ll be my husband.’ My mind couldn’t have even conceived of this.”

Like many of us, who may or may not have ditched college classes to watch “The Cosby Show” reruns, Brown tells us the series meant a great deal to her.
“‘The Cosby Show’ is important in my world,” she says. “I grew up poor in Cleveland. It was such an aspirational show. I personally didn’t know any black people living like that. It never bothered me that I didn’t know anyone. I wanted to have paintings on my wall, and I wanted to go to college, and I wanted my kids, if I’m so blessed, to go to college. So, I saw it as aspirational.”
So, did working with Warner live up to her expectations? “He’s a lovely, lovely man,” she says. “He’s everything I thought he would be when I was 13. He fits right in. We had a good time with him.” 
Check out Warner on “Community” below:

Is that a “Cosby” sweater he’s wearing? Aw.
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