Despite the show’s many ups and downs, “Community” fans were shocked to learn that Donald Glover was leaving the show after only five episodes of Season 5. Creator and newly reinstated showrunner Dan Harmon seems to have been fairly shocked as well, based on his response when asked about the loss of Troy.

What does the always verbose Harmon have to say about Glover’s departure

The information about Harmon’s feelings on the matter comes from an interview the writer/producer gave with TVLine during the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con. Among other aspects of Season 5, the issue of Glover’s departure came up.

Dan Harmon seemed mostly sad but supportive about the whole situation.

“Eh, what did he ever do? He just says his funny lines,” Harmon joked before adding: “No, it’s devastating. It’s heart-wrenching.” That’s not to say that the writer is bitter about one of his popular “Community” characters jumping ship halfway through Season 5. “He has my absolute, full support doing whatever he wants to do,” Harmon explained. “He is one of the most intimidatingly talented people I have ever had the pleasure of writing words for.”

In true Harmonian fashion, talk of tragedy soon turned ludicrous. “Troy is — it’s like the left arm being removed from your body. How are you going to handle it? What are you going to do?” Dan Harmon joked. “You have to learn to do one-armed push-ups.”

Despite all of this, it doesn’t sound like “Community” will cease to function without a member of the cast. The show will, in fact, be more likely to use the loss as fuel for more insane fire. As Harmon put it, “We’re going to charge in! We’re going to make eye contact with the tragedy that is his departure. We’re going to turn it into a story, and we’re gonna feel the feels and laugh the laughs.”

It’s not clear exactly how the character of Troy will be written out of the show, but his departure will be complete. Glover will appear in the first five episodes of Season 5 before leaving completely. “We’re gonna do it like a train of pain,” Harmon put it. “No, a train of pleasure, followed with a caboose of pain.”

Glover’s upcoming departure marks the second time a major cast member will leave “Community.” Chevy Chase notably left the program midway through Season 4 due to differences with the production. There is no indication that Chase will return for Season 5.

Posted by:Laurel Brown