Dan Harmon.jpgIf you’ve been following the ongoing battle between “Community” creator Dan Harmon and star Chevy Chase, you’ve probably heard the nasty voice mail that is definitely NSFW. Here is the story thus far. Chase has been vocal about being dissatisfied with the show. Harmon razzed him at the wrap party in front of his wife and daughter. Chase left him a very angry and naughty word-filled voice mail. Harmon played it for the audience at a comedy show he was doing. It leaked. Oh dear.

Harmon has now taken to his Tumblr account to apologize for the mess this has turned into. He says, “the people that I really want to apologize to are the fans of the show.” The apology is long, but seems heartfelt.

He says, “I made the horrible, childish, self-obsessed, unaware, naive and
unprofessional decision to play someone’s voice mail to me. He didn’t
intend for 150 people to listen and giggle at it, and I didn’t intend
for millions of people to read angry reports about it. I was doing what
I always do, and always get in trouble for doing, and always pay a
steep price for doing. I was thinking about myself and I was thinking
about making people laugh. I was airing my dirty laundry for a chuckle.”

Check out the full apology at danharmon.tumblr.com and let us know who’s side you’re on. Six seasons and a movie, guys! Can’t we all just get along?

Posted by:jbusch