dan harmon crystal monkey community season 5 gi 'Community': Dan Harmon hasn't watched Season 4, starts Season 5 Monday

It’s hard to fault Dan Harmon for not watching “Community” Season 4. After all, the writer and producer had just been fired from the show he created and ran for three years. Watching the results of someone else’s labor would be difficult.

But now that Harmon is set to return for “Community” Season 5, he probably should check out the past season’s episodes.

Unfortunately, he hasn’t done that yet.

Speaking to E!Online at the ATX festival in Austin, Texas, Harmon explained that he had a plan to fix this problem. “I am going to watch [Season 4] I think when I get back on Sunday. I’m just going to sit by myself, pop some popcorn and watch it.” Since work on “Community” Season 5 is expected to begin on Monday (June 10), Harmon will hopefully have enough time in his marathon.

Fans will most likely be split on how Harmon should treat Season 4. Under the showrunning of David Guarascio and Moses Port, many complained that “Community” was not meeting the standards set by the first three seasons.

But Harmon isn’t planning to throw out the whole season. “I’m not going to be a jerk about it,” he explained. “I’m going to look at this thing, and I don’t think it would be very ‘Community’ of me to negate anything. Season 3 was weird, Season 2 was weird, Season 1 was weird — they’re all weird. So if Season 4 was weird in a different way, Season 5’s job is to reveal that all four of those weird things add up to some weird hip-hop dance that when you put it on a loop, you go, ‘Oh, I get it!'”

Despite Harmon’s extensive discourse on the subject, he has yet to finalize his deal with Sony (the producer of “Community”). Harmon expects it to go through, no matter how irritated the bosses are with him. “We’re supposed to start writing [Season 5] on Monday, so if my deal doesn’t close, a different kind of history is going to be made,” said Harmon.

Posted by:Laurel Brown