Chevy Chase.jpg“Community” creator Dan Harmon claims that Chevy Chase was drunk when he left a scathing voice mail on Harmon’s phone. Harmon played the tape for the audience of “Harmontown,” a comedy event that he hosts in Los Angeles.

TMZ obtained a recording of Harmon commenting on and playing the voice mail. In it, he calls Chase an a-**** and says he was drunk at the time. “And then what happened a day later?” he says, referring to the scene in the finale that caused the falling out. “That night … after what I’m
guessing is two bottles of Busch Light? Ladies and gentleman … Chevy

Listen to the recording below and let us know who’s side you’re on. The audio has all the expletives bleeped out, so though it’s technically NSFW, at least no one will hear nasty words coming from your cubicle. There is still no word on whether or not “Community” will be renewed by NBC.

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