community nbc tca 320 'Community' EP Dan Harmon: 'I have two seasons no one can take away from me'

At the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, “Community’s” creator and executive producer Dan Harmon made a startling confession.
“I think I probably tuckered myself out a little bit in the first six [episodes] of this season,” he says. “That’s just my energy level.”
Sure, it would be easier for the cast and crew to have less themed episodes, but as fans, we don’t mind at all. So far, we’ve been served a space episode, a zombie episode, a “Mean Girls” episode and the Christmas stop-motion episode.
But, Harmon says he knows where he may have gone wrong. “I would have saved the space episode for later.”
That doesn’t mean Harmon doesn’t have more genius planned for Season 2. A “Dungeons & Dragons-themed” episode will air in February and the study group will be leaving the safety of Greendale when Pierce (Chevy Chase) is in the hospital.
And while those episodes can feel pretty fanciful, Alison Brie (who plays Annie) doesn’t want us to forget how important the themed episodes can be to the series.
“A lot of character stuff happens in those parody episodes,” she points out. “You connect more with them when you’re in a moment of crisis.”
We don’t believe that Harmon’s admission of being “tuckered out” means he’ll lower the bar for the rest of this season. He clearly savors every moment working on the series. And while the show will be leading up NBC’s upcoming comedy block, there has been some talk as to whether the show’s ratings warrant a Season 3.
“I’m just a kid from Wisconsin making a show for the greatest network on Earth,” he says sincerely. “It’s always a flip of the coin every morning. I have two seasons no one can take away from me. The rest is gravy.”
Well, we believe that the incoming network brass would be horribly mistaken if they didn’t keep the show on its schedule in the fall. Now, all Harmon needs to do is keep delivering – tuckered out or not.
Posted by:Jethro Nededog